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When you call this number you talk to the owner, not a phone bank out of state.

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  1. Dog feces is a protein by-product. As such it will kill most lawns, not fertilize.
  2. Being protein, the feces will attract rats. Rats will eat the undigested protein found in the fectal matter.
  3. Rats in your yard will attract feral cats and snakes. Poop makes a perfect breeding ground for many varieties of fly. 
  4. Dog poop can carry a number of zoonatic (transferable between animal and human) deseases.


  1. Women who are pregnant are at risk of several zoonatic deseases from dog feces. If you are pregnant, wear a mask when you scoop.
  2. Children who have open cuts, sores, or dirty hands. Even though you cannot see the fectal matter, does not mean that fectal matter is not present. Round worms, tape worms, and whip worms, can have eggs remain in the soil waiting for a host for years. A child puts a dirty hand in their mouth or scratches an eye and transfers an egg.
  3. People with suppressed immune systems due to desease or are taking drugs that lower the immune system should not scoop dog feces. They are once again at risk from desease.



    Dog feces can get into the ground water and polute our drinking water.

    Storm drain run off is partially made up of animal waste. It will increase the chance of an algae bloom (as we are currently experiencing here in Tampa Bay) causing a water plant and fish kill.

    Some beaches have been closed due to high fectal matter in the water.

    The increase in protein can cause a Red Tide outbreak in the gulf.


Common Questions and Answers about Blue Diamond Pet Waste Clean-up Service

What services are available?

We come to your house and clean up your yard of your dog's messes! We also offer commercial service for hotels, condos, apartments, rental properties, business parks, bike paths, playgrounds, etc. We offer service on a one-time basis or weekly. or twice weekly. 

Why should I use your service?

Face it, it's not the most pleasant task, and you've got better things to do with your time! You may want to use our service if you're pregnant, undergoing chemotherapy, have a weakened immune system or have trouble bending or lifting. Dog feces can carry several parasites that can be transmitted to humans and other animals.

What are your rates?

Residential rates are based on how many animals we provide service for and the size of the property. Commercial rates require an on-site visit, please call for details.

Does the first visit cost extra?

It depends on the accumulation of waste. If your yard hasn't been cleaned in more than two weeks, there may be a one-time first-visit charge. This will be discussed with you in advance, and we will start work when you are happy with your rates.

How can I start or stop service?

A simple phone call will do it. When you set up service we'll come out and meet with you and your animal(s) and give you an estimate based on your needs. There are no long term contracts to sign, you may stop service at any time by calling or e-mailing us. We accept seasonal accounts as well. We can also accommodate vacation stops.

How am I billed for service?

We'll mail you an invoice by the 20th of the month, and we'll pro rate your charges if you start service in the middle of the month. We can accept checks, redit cards, or Paypal at this time.You may also pay in cash if you wish. Note: One-Time cleanup is not invoiced, but is billed at time of service. A $10.00 late charge is assessed if payment is not received by the 7th of the following month. A $20.00 charge will be assessed for returned checks. If a debt is taken to court or referred to a collection agency, you will also be held responsible for all collection and court costs including any interest, fees, charges, and/or expenses permitted by law.

How do you handle holidays?

We take the following holidays off: Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day If your service date is scheduled on a holiday,
we provide service on the next work day.
What are your service areas?

We provide service to Pinellas,, and Southern Pasco Counties to Port Richey.

Do I need to sign a contract?

No long term contract is necessary, although we do ask that you sign a statement that gives us permission to come onto your outside property on service days, outlines the rate structure and billing terms, and states that service is month to month and may be cancelled anytime by either party.

Is there one-time-only service?

Absolutely! If you have a party, wedding, or special event, or are buying or selling a home, why not let us make sure your yard is clean and presentable? Rates for one-time service are based on the time spent cleaning.

How do you dispose of waste?

Waste is double bagged and we take it with us when we leave. Since dogs are carnivores, their waste is protein based and harmful to lawns, and unlike sheep, cows and chickens, there is no commercial use for it. Yet. If we take it away with us, it is disposed of in a hazardous material dumpster that we rent.

Do you work when it rains?

Yes, in light or periodic rain. The only time we can't is if it's so muddy it would damage your lawn. If we have to miss a day because of weather, we will come the following day or you will not be billed for that day's service, a credit will appear on the next months invoice.

Do I need to be there when you service my yard?

The first time, we'd like to meet you and your animals so we can all get acquainted. After that, we don't require that you be there, although you're always welcome to check up on our work.

Do I have to leave my gate unlocked?

Since we're not allowed to climb over fences, we can handle this a few ways: You can provide combination to or keys to your own lock, or we'll provide a pad lock at no cost to you, or you can also leave your gate unlocked on service days if that's your preference.

Can you work with my dog(s) in the yard?

Usually, yes. We like animals and are comfortable with most dogs. However, if your dog is territorial or aggressive we may ask you to confine the animal on service days.

Can I schedule service for a certain day?

We work Monday through Friday, and will make every effort to service your yard on the day of your choosing. Thursday and Friday are the busiest days, and may not be available depending on our workload. Once you schedule a day, we won't change it unless you request we do so. In other words, if you schedule for Fridays, you won't lose that service time to a new customer unless you request a change.

What about diseases and health concerns?

Several parasites like to live in animal fecal matter. Some of these can be transmitted to humans or other animals. We disinfect our tools and boots after servicing every yard to keep you and your children and pets safe. (We use a kennel disinfectant used by vets that kills Parvo, distemper, Pseudorabies, Newcastle and other viruses.) If we notice any parasites in your yard we will certainly let you know!

Can I skip a day? What about vacations?

You can temporarily suspend service without any penalty by contacting us at least 24 hours in advance of scheduled service. You will not be billed for days you skip unless we are not notified.

How does your "Satisfaction Guarantee" work?

We pride ourselves on our excellent service and want to make sure you're happy with our work!

If you are not satisfied with our service for any reason, we will come back and make the job right, or we won't bill you for that service day. We value you as a customer and we are more than willing to work with you to resolve any issues that may arise.

How often will you service my yard?

You can set up service on an twice a week or once-a-week basis. We do not offer monthly service, as the accumulation of droppings tends to be substantial if not addressed at least every week. We also offer one-time clean-ups. We volunteer at charitable events to scoop. Doing a dog show, allow us to handle this part of the show.

Do you work year-round?

Yes! On occasion, rain or a hurricane may cause us to skip a service day. You will not be billed for days skipped due to weather or we will make up on the next day the weater clears.

Do you have a discount or referral program?

Yes! We will take one month free service if you refer a new customer who signs up for continuing (weekly or twice-weekly) service. The referral must use our service for 3 months for you to get the free month. We also offer discounts on services to Senior Citizens and owners of service animals, active military, police officers, fire fighters, and paramedics, foster dog providers and the disabled.

What happens if you can't get into my yard?

If this happens, it's usually because your dog is overly "territorial" that day. We'll have to bill for the service call.

How is your service technicians identified?

You'll see us arrive in a car or truck bearing Blue Diamond Service or Super Pooper Scooper company signs. The technician should be wearing a shirt that identifies them as a Blue Diamond service  or Super Pooper Scooper employee.

How can I be sure you've been to my yard?

First, you'll notice your nice clean yard! Also, we leave dog biscuits and a service notice on your door! Please let us know if your dogs have any diet restrictions

WHY do you DO this?

Hi! This is the owner, Paul Chesler, speaking on a personal note. First of all, I like animals and like working outside and meeting new people and dogs . I read a press release about a poop scooper service, and started doing some research. I was looking for a business that I could run from home without a storefront, one that had low overhead, a flexible schedule and could be started on a part time basis until it grew to the point where it could replace my 9-5 job(just over broke). I found many success stories and reviewed several scoop services, and decided to jump in feet first. Someone's got to do it!

727 224-7886

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